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Rusty Old Truck

The Anti-Bias Strategy Review

Groupthink, unchanging fundamental assumptions,  misinterpretation of market data, inadequate assessment of competitors' capabilities, and the fear of saying "you're wrong" to superiors. 

Scrutinise the foundational assumptions shaping your strategies.

Empowering Strategy Decisions

The Anti-Bias Strategy Review package introduces an external expert perspective to refine your strategic approach and ensure your approach is robust and aligned with your goals.

Software Programmer

Internal Analysis

  • Anonymous interviews with key company personnel

  • Review internal data that led to strategic decisions

Delivery Boat

External Analysis

  • Interviews with key customers, suppliers, and industry stakeholders and experts

  • Competitive landscape and industry trends analysis

Edison Bulbs


  • Recommend strategic changes

  • Align daily operations to better match long-term goals

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